Thursday, February 1, 2018

Vyxes Products: Where to buy and What's offered


Comic/gallery series
Image collections

PDF comics plus Jpeg galleries and Jpeg image collections are sold here.  
The best of the photomanip work is $10.  
The 3D work is $5.
Plus, there's also some cheaper packs containing art from my early years.

DriveThru Comics

$2.50 per comic.

Since I can only sell PDFs there, this store focuses on the comics I make, keeping the prices around $2.50 each.

If you're just interested in my comics, this may become the best place for you to shop.


$1 a month - Two pics a week.
$2 a month - A comic a month.
$3 a month - A comic/gallery a month.

Every Monday, I'll be uploading a random selection of pics to this feed and a random comic/gallery every first Monday of the month.   If you want everything, are patient and don't care about the order that you receive it, this is the cheapest choice.


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