Thursday, February 1, 2018

Vyxes Products: Where to buy and What's offered


Step 1: Buy your membership at vyx.eroticillusions
Step 2: Use your member login to access vyx.cybrotica

$12.95 for 30 days then $9.95 every 30 days.

I upload everything to vyx.cybrotica including test art and even WIPs and sketches.   So, if you want to see it all, vyx.cybrotica is the only place to go.  And, if you avoid the recurring fee, it is also the cheapest option for art:price ratio ($12.95:200+pics).

The charge does recur monthly.   So, if do not want to be charged more than once, remember to cancel your account within 30 days.

I do not set the prices for the paysite.



$2 pic paks
$10 comic/gallery series

There are two types of products sold here: $2 pic paks and $10 gallery series/comics.   

$2 is the minimum price Renderotica will allow.  Anything less does not justify their processing costs.   So the single image $2 pic pak has become the baseline for all my pricing decisions.  

$10 gallery series started as a large 7 piece pic pak that told a loose story, but they are evolving into comics with galleries.  

You get the same thing at Renderotica that you get at vyx.cybrotica - just as individual products and not through a membership with a recurring fee.  

However, for art:price ratio, it is the most expensive way to purchase Vyxes pics.

DriveThru Comics

$2.50 per comic.

I'm still new to this store and I'm still exploring what I can do with it.  However, since I can only sell PDFs there, it will focus on comics - starting with Cymra comics.  And, since they're just PDF comics, I'm keeping the prices around $2.50 a comic.

If you're just interested in the comics I make, this may become the best place for you to shop.


This is my latest store and I am very new to it.   Right now, I'm just using this store to sell through crypto-currencies.  

If the store works, it will be the crypto alt to Renderotica.  Products and prices will be the same.

Crypto-currency payment methods offered-
Bitcoin Cash